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Billing Cycles

Bills are sent out twice a month. Some members will receive more than one bill a month, depending on where your accounts are located in our service area.

Billing Cycle 1

  • Mailed on the fifteenth (15) of every month.
  • Payment is due in the Socorro Electric office no later than the tenth (10) of every month.
  • Accounts that are located outside of Socorro City Limits are billed in Cycle 1.

Billing Cycle 2

  • Mailed on the last working day of every month.
  • Payment is due in the Socorro Electric office no later than the twentieth (20) of every month.
  • Accounts that are within Socorro City Limits and Large Commercial accounts are billed in Cycle 2.

Estimated Bills

An attempt will be made to read your meter on approximately the same date every month. If we are unable to obtain a reading due to weather conditions, access to your property has been blocked or during emergencies, then your monthly usage will be estimated based upon the previous usage and time of year historical pattern. This estimate will correct itself the following month when an accurate reading is obtained. You will only be charged for kilo-watt hours (kWh) you actually used.

Letters of Credit

Our members often request a Letter of Credit and we are pleased to do so. However, our members should remember your bill must be paid within twenty days from the date it was mailed or it cannot be classified as a current payment. Most utilities in evaluating whether a security deposit will be required consider the number of non-current payments during the most current twelve-month period, payments returned for insufficient funds and any discontinuance of service due to non-payment. An inadequate payment history in any of these categories will in most cases be reason enough to require a security deposit.

Past Due Information

Bills are due twenty (20) calendar days from the date of the bill. If payment is not received on the due date, the bill becomes delinquent and is subject to disconnection fifteen (15) days after the due date. To inform you of this, a 15 Day Disconnect Notice will be sent to you normally the day following the due date. A 1.2% Feefor each delinquent sub-account will automatically be added to the member’s bill if a 15 Day Notice is printed.

If the bill remains unpaid, a Two (2) Day Notice ($25.00 Fee) will be left at the member’s residence or be notified verbally at least two (2) days prior to disconnection. If payment is not received by the disconnect date, service will be subject to disconnection on the following day. Disconnections will be done within the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. local time but will not occur the day before a weekend or on a day the Cooperative will be closed.

If electric service is disconnected because of non-payment, it will be reconnected only after the amount past due is paid in full. A $25 reconnect fee (During Business Hours) or $50 reconnect fee(After Business Hours)per meter will be charged.

The Public Regulation Commission requires us to reconnect service as soon as we reasonably can upon full payment of the delinquent amount, no later than 4:30p.m. the following business day. If a serious medical situation exists in your home, we will reconnect as early as possible within a twelve (12) hour period.

Charges for collection fees and reconnection of service are as follows:

  • Reconnect Fee for Non-Pay Disconnect - $25.00 per meter (During Business Hours)$50.00 per meter (After Business Hours)
  • Collection Fee - $25.00 (Two (2) Day Notice)
  • Insufficient Check Charges - $25.00
  • Tampering Fee - $250.00 first offence $500.00 each time after (Plus estimated value of electricity)
  • Delinquent Collection Processing Fee –1.5% of bill per meter (Added directly to bill)
  • Deposit- If Applicable (See below)

A security deposit may also be required. All other applicable fees will be charged. Members with questions are encouraged to contact SECat least twenty-four (24) hours before the date electric service is scheduled for disconnect. Every attempt will be made to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

You may be able to avoid these extra charges by contacting our office in advance to arrange payment, an extension, or to be referred to agencies that can provide financial assistance. If you are seriously ill and use prescribed medical equipment, you may be eligible for a delay in your payment for a maximum of one (1) month by providing a medical certification from your doctor.

Please call our office at (575)835-0560 or toll-free 1-800-351-7575.