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Scholarship Awards

Graduating Willie Wiredhand LogoPURPOSE

It is the hope of the Board of Trustees that this program will motivate young students whose parents or guardians are members of and reside in the service area of The Socorro Electric Cooperative, Inc., to continue their education.  It is the particular desire of the Board of Trustees that this program be focused toward the average student rather than the gifted or exceptional student.


The seven (7) Cooperative Scholarships, in the amount of $500.00 per semester, will be awarded to students in each school district in Socorro Electric's Service Territory as follows:

Socorro Consolidated School District - (3)
MagdalenaSchool District - (1)
Quemado School District - (1)
Belen School District - (1)
AlamoNavajo School District - (1)

QUALIFICATIONS (to be ascertained and verified by the concerned high school officials)

A recipient must:

  • Have parents or guardians who have been members of and reside in the service area of The Socorro Electric Cooperative for a minimum of three years.
  • Have been accepted for enrollment in an institution of higher learning; being a college, university, vocational or technical school accredited by the State or other qualified agency.
  • Should be an average “C” student.


  • There will be no discrimination due to race, color, creed or in any form in the selection of the recipient.
  • Selection will be made by secret ballot by the senior faculty and class members who hold elective offices.
  • The Board of Trustees reserves the right to ratify all awards.
  • The high school counselor will certify that the recipient has fulfilled the requirements and is eligible for the award.
  • This award will be presented by the President of the Board of Trustees or his designated representatives.
  • Alternate recipients will be selected and must qualify for the award in the event the initial recipient does not use the funds.
  • Interested high school seniors must apply through the school administration for consideration as a recipient.


  • Funds will at all time be controlled by the Cooperative.
  • The recipient (s) will receive a “Letter of Credit” for the full amount of the scholarship.
  • Actual payment will be divided into two components.  The first half being paid to the college upon billing the Cooperative for the first semester.  The second half upon receipt of the evidence of successful completion of the first semester and billing by the institution.
  • Scholarship funds may be used for tuition, board, room, books, school fees or other enrollment requirements.
  • A recipient must carry a normal load being a sufficient number of hours to qualify as a college freshman.
  • If a recipient drops out of college the remaining balance of the scholarship funds will be deemed void.

If an award is not used in any year by the high school participating in this program, it will be void and cannot be carried over or accrued.

Applications for Scholarships are mailed to the School Counselors.