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Renewable Energy

SEC is exploring the possibility of local development of Renewable Energy and other related projects that will create a sustainable energy portfolio for the Cooperative and its members, bring opportunities for long term community economic development, and place the Cooperative on a sound energy footing for the future. 

The Renewable Energy sources of interest are large scale photovoltaic, multi-unit wind energy and geothermal energy.  These are mature or maturing technologies and in use by other Cooperatives or commercial enterprises in various parts of New Mexico.  In addition, the low price, abundance and easy availability of natural gas and make consideration of a combined cycle electrical generation facility worth consideration.  Natural gas fueled facilities are also in place in various parts of New Mexico.  A variety of funding sources and business models for all these projects is available and will be explored.

In 2019, the Socorro Electric Cooperative purchased 444,277 kWh of renewable energy.  The New Mexico Public Regulation Commission Rule 17.9.572.23(k), requires the cooperative to report to the Membership annually on renewable energy purchased on behalf of our Members.  Renewable Energy means electric energy generated by means of a low or zero emissions generation technology with substantial long-term production potential and generated by use of renewable energy resources that may include solar, wind, or hydropower resources.


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