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Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming and Clearing

Socorro Electric Cooperative, Inc. conducts tree trimming maintenance along the right-of-way of distribution lines to provide safe and reliable electric service. This is a legal right and responsibility of the Cooperative.  The Cooperative tries to control trees growth on primary and secondary power lines at an early stage of development before they interfere with the electrical service. Keeping the trees trimmed will decrease outages due to natural growth interference. The cooperative regrets the need to cut trees, but it is hoped that members understand the need to cut or trim some of their trees or why objects in the right-of-way must be relocated.

Please do not attempt to cut trees close to any power lines, contact SEC and we will cut the trees.

To report trees in the power lines please call our office, (575) 835-0560 or 1-800-351-7575.